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Your Different BFFs

Good friends are hard to come by is what I’ve always been told. You grow up with your AAU sports friends, elementary school friends, middle school friends, high school friends, and college friends. You develop strong relationships, some that last and some that don’t. Over the course of your life you come across girls and boys that become your best friends but each one brings different meaning to your life. Here are the BFFs that exist in my life.


The First

You NEVER EVER forget your first best friend. The one that was literally attached to your side every chance you got. Her parents were your parents and vice versa. If you are as fortunate as me she will still be in your inner circle at age twenty-one.

The One That Got Away

This BFF is no longer even a friend. As sad as that is to say out loud, it’s true. You follow each other on social media but you haven’t actually spoken since elementary school, but of course you wish the best for her.

The High School Gang

This group saw you through everything for four years. Your sports that they weren’t in, boyfriends & break ups, family fights, partying (if you were in to that), and endless sleepovers. You would not be who you are without these girls. Thank God they are still prominent in your life because they know you for who you truly are even when you go crying back to them for whatever stupid thing you did.

Boy Friends, Not Boyfriend 

Having guy friends is so fun. When you get tired of the estrogen they are there to just hangout with. Whether it’s talking about their girl issues, watching each other make fools of themselves on the dance floor, or playing video games, they mellow you out. Guy friends are also great at giving advice on your boy troubles.

College Friends

These might be the girls you met when you first moved into the dorm or in my case, October of my freshman year. You live with them, you study with them, you pretty much spend every waking moment with these girls. They have been there through the freshman fifteen, gym buddies, a break up, your twenty-first celebration and helping you turn into the woman that you want to become.

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