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3 Steps for the Young Entrepreneur

In today’s world being your own boss seems to be at the top of everyone’s radar, but is it right for you? Often times people can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk in regards to starting a business or being your own boss. For the young entrepreneurs out there, this post is for you.

When thinking about your future what do you see? Knowing or learning what you want comes in three simple steps, such as, writing your goals down, knowing where you stand currently, and visualizing where you want your goals to take you. All three of these engage you in pursuing your dreams.



First, writing your goals down gives one responsibility. Research shows that writing goals or tasks down gives the person a sense of commitment. Seeing these in concrete form helps the young entrepreneur pursue or lean into achieving what they wish.

Second, realizing where you currently stand in your life and in terms of achieving your success helps one put into place steps of accomplishing what they wish. For example, currently I am sitting at my desk writing this post. Writing this post will further benefit my writing skills which in return will hopefully land me some type of journalism job after graduation. Once you can navigate where you are, you can navigate where you are going.

Lastly, visualize your future. Having a visual of your success is the bright light at the end of your tunnel. A great way to visualize your goals is to make a vision board. A vision board can consist of magazine cutouts, pictures of ideal destinations, or inspirational quotes.


“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” – Buddha


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