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iPhones vs Galaxy

What team do you represent? Team iPhone or team Galaxy? There has been a great debate between the two most popular phones on which one is better. Most people would say iPhones are the best because of its finger print reader, the ability to face time friends, and because of the vibrant colors that they offer. Another half  people would like to say that the Galaxy is better because the screen is bigger and there are multiple ways to screen shot of this high tech phone, or some people just don’t like Apple products. But why really is there a great debate over a phone?

People love the iPhone because of it design and because of the vivid cases that everyone makes. The iPhone receives most of its sales through cases because people, mostly females, can’t get enough of their fancy cases. Also iPhone headphones are selling really quickly because of the nice quality that it has and they are cheaper than Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and Skullcandy. The pictures and videos on an iPhone camera are so vivid and clear that it’s like buying a professional camera. According to apple.com, iPhone 5s features a state-of-the-art sensor that increases the area available for pixels by 15 percent, and yet it still fits inside the incredibly thin iPhone. The pixels are larger, too — 1.5 microns, to be exact. We also bumped up the size of the camera aperture. Now it’s at ƒ/2.2 to let in even more light.” This is the perfect camera to take amazing selfies at home and outside.

The iPhone isn’t the only one with a great camera. The Galaxy s5 is also a great phone to take pictures because of its 5.1 inch screen making each picture come alive and big in size. Also, the iPhones has their finger print reader while the Samsung Galaxy has its heart sensor. The Galaxy s5 makes it easier to track your heart rate while exercises. Androidcental.com states, “S Health is a nice and easy way to pay more attention to your activity levels without the need for any wristbands or paying for any apps.” This is more than just a phone, it can work as an exercise tool and make working out easier. There headphones are just as loud as Apple’s and almost the same in price, but still there is a feud between both companies.

Both phones are also trying to make the most sales. Forbes.com says, “In the last quarter of 2012, Apple was blowing Samsung away with 27.4 million iPhone 5′s sold, coupled to 17.4 million iPhone 4S. During that period Samsung sold a more modest 15.4 million S III phones. If the S4 sells 10 million units in five weeks, then it is clearly on track to be Samsung’s best selling smartphone yet but not quite to breach Apple’s record.” IPhones are still on the top of the charts, but the Galaxy is coming in close.” The iPhone and Galaxy are both great phones and are selling fast; these phones have good quality and take great pictures. Which top of the line phone will you buy?



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