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What Do You See?

We usually are our own worst critics meaning that how we see ourselves or what we think of ourselves is usually a thousand times worse that what other people see. So what happens when someone you’ve never met asks you to describe yourself to them? Watch this video by the Dove Campaign For Real Beauty’s below and find out…

It’s amazing how our views of our own beauty can be so skewed. When we look in the mirror our eyes deceive us. It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, well except for when the eye is your own. Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder, it’s in the mind.

Is this as bad as a mental illness like an eating disorder. When someone has an eating disorder, when they see themselves in the mirror, they don’t see how they really look. They see someone who is overweight or whatever it may be depending on the case. I think it’s safe to say that self- perception can fall into the category of mental illness.

We grow up with an image of beauty and no matter what, when we look in the mirror, we don’t see what is truly there because it doesn’t fit into the “mold” that beauty is. The flaws you think you have aren’t really flaws. They may not even be there.

But if this is a problem that is within us, how can it be fixed? 

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