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Why Isn’t Your Natural Hair Beautiful?

A lot of people have been starting their natural journey beginning with a big cut. Everywhere you look it seems like people are claiming #TeamNatural. The movement has become so big that even celebrities are opting for the natural hair over perms. Celebrity natural hair icon Teyonah Parris is just one of the celebrities who chooses to wear her kinky curly afro over the long straight hair that Hollywood is so known for.

The “Mad Men” actress who will also be in the upcoming film “Dear White People” shared what it was like going natural for her in a recent interview with Huffington Post. It was a challenge for her mainly because when she first really wore her afro after getting rid of her permed hair, her reflection in the mirror didn’t fit her definition of beauty. It didn’t represent what we are taught is beautiful from the time we a little kids.

But if whatever texture your hair is, is what you are born with, why should we believe that with it, we are not beautiful? It all comes down to self-acceptance and redefining what society has taught you is beauty.

It isn’t long, straight hair or being tall and skinny. Beauty is whatever you see when you look in the mirror. Everyone should have their own definitions of beauty and not follow the societal norms of beauty.

What was your natural hair journey like? And what did you think when you first saw yourself with you natural hair?

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