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Chocolate, Vanilla, Or A Swirl Of Both?

A couple months ago, a documentary called “The Swirl” was released. The movie focuses on interracial dating and attitudes towards it in today’s society. It takes a comedic look at a serious situation by using lengthy interviews with comedians and other folks. Conversations that people are having about interracial dating are brought to light in this film. Check out the trailer below.

So what are your conversations on the topic about? 

Today, interracial dating is more of a social norm. There aren’t any serious sanctions as there were in the past where you could have been physically harmed. Today, usually the worst you will experience are verbal insults. While this is the case, I still hear a variety of opinions from people on interracial dating– positive and negative.

On one hand, you have the black men who love exotic women. Brazilian, Asian, White (I know not necessarily exotic but…) anyone who fits into that mold. And then you have the black women who look at these females in disgust because they are “taking all of the good black men”. And the males? How dare they date a white/Asian/Spanish woman.

You see, while we are more accepting of interracial dating, there is still that thought of someone being a “traitor” if they date outside of their race. Why is it that people still have these thoughts? Do you know someone or do you think these things about interracial dating?


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  1. Jeffrey says:

    This subject is not a new one and has already been run into the ground. Why does the stupidity about dating other races and ethnicities as well as experiencing other cultures always get so much press?

    I only date outside of my race and do not seek ANYONE’S validation or approval when I do so.

    ~Jeffrey in Philadelphia

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