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WOMAN Wardrobe Basics

Last year, my apartment building burned to the ground.  More specifically, there was a gas leak, and it exploded. Yes, exploded!  Kaboom!  Nothing was left of the building except parts of the basement.  Suffice it to say, I own only a few things that are more than a year old.   If it wasn’t in my car when the building exploded, I don’t own it anymore (BTW, Misty C., I know I still need to replace your DVDs of Scandal Season 1).

Even before I could get past the devastation and trauma of the experience, I was forced to shop.  So, my apartment exploded on Saturday, February 23, 2013, and I spent all day on Sunday, February 24, 2013 in the mall.  Between tears and racks of shirts, I had to pull it together because it was cold, and I needed a coat!  Besides, all of my family lives in Atlanta; thus, there was no little sister nearby who could loan me clothes.  Did I mention that I’m generally not a fan of trying on clothes?  Did I also mention that I have THAT body?  You know the body where your waist is a size 6 – 8, and your hips are a size 6 – 12, depending on the designer.  I also have THOSE FEET.  One foot is an 8 – 8.5 and the other is an 8.5 – 9!  That was the day from you know where!

As desperate as I was, however, I was committed to only buying a few “desperate pieces” and focusing on buying things that I really liked or knew I would need.  How many of you have fallen into the trap of buying something because it was on sale, and you knew from the moment that you saw it that you didn’t really like it?  Dontcha hate that!!!!  Never again!  I became an instant soldier in the Anti-Cluttered Closet war!  So, I put together a list of items that I think every young(-ish) woman should have in her closet.  This is the list that I came up with:

What do you think I left off the list?  What should be added?

Every Woman Must Have!
Every Professional Woman SHOULD HAVE Every Woman WITH a Life WANTS TO HAVE The Woman with Extra Money Owns
The following undergarments:

  • panties & bras in black, white and nude
  • upper and lower body shapewear
  • strapless bra in black, white and nude
two-tone gold & silver watch & stud earrings complete set of accessories (necklace, earrings and bracelet) in pearl, silver, gold and black a killer blood-red leather jacket
medium grey conservative suit dark-colored & light-colored conservative suit camisoles in every possible color a bronze or gold oversized purse
pencil skirt*If money is tight, you should buy the pencil skirt such that it compliments the item in the box above dark slacks*If you did the box above the right way, you already have this one basic black dress with the accessories that make appropriate for a party or work event maxi dresses
3 inch black pumps and flats neutral/nude pumps and flats knee boots slingbacks and peep toes
sneakers and functional  snow shoes/boots cute snow shoes/ boots high-heeled sandals
crisp white, pink & baby blue shirts a quick casual outfit that you can throw on in a hurry, but doesn’t leave you looking like you just got out of bed a ton of fitted tees great denim jacket

*Do not match denim jacket with jeans!  That was so 90s!

a pair of jeans that fits you well and is the appropriate length for either flats or heels, which ever you wear most a pair of jeans that fits you well and is the appropriate length for either flats or heels, which ever you didn’t purchase the first time well-fitting khaki pants, khaki skirt or dress a “go-to” date outfit
A dress coat that can go from a job interview to a funeral A neutral colored handbag that I can take to meetings A funky clutch that is perfect for dressing up those jeans you wear with heels!

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