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Solange Opens Up About The “Elevator Situation”

Recently, Solange addressed the very popular elevator situation that spread around the Internet like wildfire. For those who don’t know, TMZ leaked a video of Solange in an elevator with Beyonce and Jay Z after the Met Gala in May. After a few seconds, Solange is seen hitting and kicking Jay Z while Beyonce stands to the side. It has been two months and the singer has finally decided to open up. Keeping it classy, she doesn’t say what the fight was about but just says that her family is all good now.

I feel like we fail to realize that even though these people are celebrities, they are still normal people. Their families go through normal things like fights and arguments. Just because they are in the spotlight does not mean that they don’t have issues like everyone else does.

We expect celebrities to be perfect. They should always look good and never go through any emotional distress. We put such a burden on these people who are just like us (besides the mass amount of money they have). So when something comes out like a video or a picture, we go crazy. We call them crazy and make ridiculous assumptions when in reality, they are doing something that we may do everyday.

It all comes down to some weird kind of obsession our culture has with famous people. We idolize them yet we always try to find something that is wrong. Is it a strange kind of self-loathing that we have to break these celebrities down in anyway possible? 

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