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We Love The 90s!

We all remember the 90s and early 2000s to be some of the best moments. Music, technology, games, toys everything just makes you go, ‘I feel bad for what kids have to grow up with today’. So whenever we see something from our past we instantly get a flashback of happy memories from our childhood. Well here’s a list that’s going to do just that. Take you back to when you didn’t have a care in the word. Remember these?

1. These things were so much fun for no reason. It’s a bag of plastic filled with some kind of weird jelly water. Oh and they had random stuff in them.



2. Skip-It! This toy meant hours of fun outside. But remember how bad it used to hurt when it hit your ankle.



3. I don’t even remember what this is called.




4. WonderBalls aka a CavityBall.



5. Tamagotchi. The easiest pet to take care of.



6. Gauchos. Don’t act like you didn’t have at least 5 pairs.



7. I don’t even understand the amusement from these furry balls.



8. Scrunchy shirts. They were so tiny until you put them on. Who even made these popular?



9. Kids today will never understand the struggle.



10. They also will never know that Trix cereal used to be different shapes.


11. Platform flip flops. Platform anything really. Thank you Spice Girls.


12. Silly Putty. This used to pick up all the dirt.



13. Ew.



14. Just press play.

15. Hypercolor Shirts. The shirt that changes colors when you sweat.


And finally, every 90s kids favorite movie…


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