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Ladies, would you pop the question?

I take pride in being on my way to “Diva Oldhead Status”; therefore, I am not even going to put my opinion out there.  Okay, I can’t resist!  This is crazy!  Ain’t no way I’m proposing.  Isn’t it funny that folks want to preach to women about staying in a woman’s place; however, they want her buck tradition when it comes to taking risks and paying the bills?  IJS!  If we’re going to play the roles, then, we’re going to play the roles.  So, when I don’t do any of the traditional woman stuff AT ALL, remember, I proposed too!  Mind you, I’m already NOT excited about household chores…who cares what you eat (unless I was going to cook anyway!)

1)  Is he wearing pink pants?
2)  Is he leaning back sipping a drink?
3)  Is he sitting there playing too cool to care with his hat on backwards?
4)  Are WOMEN in the background saying this crap is dope?  It is a lame way to propose in the first place, but “dope”? If this is dope, I’d almost pay for a wedding invitation!
5)  What would you do?

I’m gonna have to file this foolishness under entertainment, not relationships!  How long until the divorce?

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