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Is It Pork, Chicken, or Beef?

KFC is always appearing in the news for something. The latest thing is a woman who found her son’s fried chicken to be a deep fried paper towel. This is just one of the bizarre objects or animal parts that have been found in not just KFC chicken, but other notable fast food restaurants also. My question is where will it stop?

Regardless of the well-known fact that when you order a 5 or 10-piece meal from a fast food restaurant it might not be chicken, people continue to order food from them. Sure they’re cheap but when you order chicken from a fast-food place, you expect it to be real authentic meat—chicken breast or wing to be exact. But the people who continue to buy the food aren’t the problem. You’re free to eat whatever you want. It’s the businesses and restaurants that are responsible yet usually don’t get any punishments.

In the U.S. alone fast food restaurants make an average 660 billion a year. There is always a new McDonald’s or Taco Bell popping up on a corner. This being the case, why is the issue of not using real meat even an issue. With more than enough money to buy the best chicken or beef on the market, without a doubt, this is what should be provided to their customers. But reality is that it’s not and at what cost. None. These restaurants still have their loyal customers and continue to slide their way out of trouble with government policies.

So what has to be done to make fast food restaurants only serve real, pure meat? Should we as the customers take a stand? Or let authorities above us handle it as they have been?

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