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‘Sup with the Tats?

In my humble opinion, these are best places to get tattoo:
1)  any place that can be easily and completely hidden in any outfit you wear;
2)  any place that can be easily and completely hidden in any outfit you wear; and
3)  any place that can be easily and completely hidden in any outfit you wear.

Whether a wedding dress or pair of shorts, this is my story, and I’m sticking to it.  The only exception to the clothing cover-up is a swim suit.  See #6:  Even a tattoo artist agrees with me!  I am a tigress; hear me roar (and rant).  Here’s my deal:  I really can’t think of anything that you can put on your body between 12 and 60 years old that you can be sure that you’ll love for the rest of your life.  This is where I disagree with the tattoo artist who agrees with me:  just because other old people will have tattoos, there is no guarantee that you’ll be happy with yours!

Confession:  okay, not really my confession.  My siblings (two brothers and one sister) are tatted up.  I’m just grateful that my eldest brother is a little darker than I am so his NECK tattoo doesn’t really show up (from a distance, he just looks ashy).  I’m like, “Dude, what kind of job are you going to get working INDOORS with all that on your neck?”  Do you really want to be working in the elements, with your arthritic self, at 50 years old because your personal  image doesn’t fit the image a company wants to project?  We shouldn’t even spend time discussing whether it is fair….OR LEGAL!  If we know for a fact that people with “urban sounding” (translation:  BLACK) names get fewer callbacks for job interviews, what do you think happens when you look like a stereotype?  Lets face it, the more tattoos you have and the more visible they are, the more likely people are to assume negative things about you.  Frankly, until people who think differently are largely the ones making hiring decisions, it is an uphill battle.

In addition to the image aspect of having a tattoo, there are health issues to be considered (yet another point on which I disagree with the tattoo artist who agreed with me).  Yes, people have a much lower chance of contracting a disease when they visit reputable tattoo and piercing shops; however, it is unwise to dismiss the risk by simply saying, “go to a better quality shop”.  Unless tattoo-seekers are making certain that the artist is using brand new needles for each customer, Hepatitis and HIV are real possibilities.  Plain and simple.  Now, think about tattoo parties; there’s a whole lot going on at those parties!  Even more, think about whether you even know if the person who did your last tat needed to have a license to do that kind of work.  Did you ask if they had a license?  Did you ask if they had insurance?  I bet if they came highly recommended by a friend, you didn’t even worry about it!

So, if you have visible tattoos, I want to hear from you!  Do you regret your artwork?  Do you notice that people treat you differently because of them?


  1. doulajess says:

    I have one tattoo and I had placed on my upper arm so that I could show it or hide it as I pleased. But honestly, I don’t even think about it. I waited until my 30th birthday to get it so that I would be sure I wanted it (my stepmom got hers as soon as she was legal and now hates it).

    • Blush says:

      Where is your stepmom’s tattoo?

      • doulajess says:

        It is right above her breast…the most awkward place it could be because depending on how her shirts were made, it didn’t always cover it. Although her job at the bank no longer requires her to work with customers, she used to have to be very careful about what she wore to work.

      • Blush says:

        I can see that. I have a lot of brides who seek me out to cover tattoos for weddings, too.

  2. […] And as always, if you do plan on getting a tattoo, make sure you think about it long and hard. […]

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