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I Gave Up TV 2 Years Ago

Two years ago, on a whim, I decided to say goodbye to Comcast.  Okay, it wasn’t a total whim.  I decided that I didn’t want to pay for tv.  Since then, my life has changed a bit, in some good and bad ways.  Initially, the shift was a little weird because I realized that coming home from my daily activities required a plan unless I wanted to spend time watching traffic pass by my house.  After a few weeks, this realization became an awesome revelation!  If I wanted to full and fun life, I had to make it happen.  It wasn’t just about TV, it was about not getting stuck doing the same things everyday just because that is what I’d always done!  I realized that I’d started living a routine life that I didn’t find enjoyable, nor was I growing from it.

The Bad:
I replaced one vice with another.  Now, I spend too much time online!
Although I spend too much time online chatting, I have to carefully select the news sites that I follow so that I have some idea about what’s going on in the world and in the City.
I had to put a reminder on my calendar to check the weather forecast.  Over this past winter, I can’t tell you how many times I had NO IDEA snow was coming!
I like background noise when I work; however, musical lyrics distract me (I’m supposed to working, and I wind up singing).  Thus, I watch the same DVDs over and over again.  Because I have memorized them, I don’t have to pay attention.  I can quote THE COLOR PURPLE and LIFE word-for-word!
I don’t answer the phone for people I don’t know or if we aren’t doing business or work together.  NEW PEOPLE MUST EMAIL!

The Good:
My productivity is way up!  I have a double-whammy to manage:  I have BIG dreams and a slight tendency to overcommit.  Getting off the remote has been good for the goals.  I get more done.
I get out the house more….in search of free wifi!
TV time becomes “hanging with the girls time”.  I have TV dates for Super Soul Sunday (I don’t care what y’all say, I love Oprah!) and Scandal.  Watching these shows gives us a reason to connect.  Many of my conversations had become stuck in inboxes or texts.
I am more active!  I became a bike rider (pedal bike, not vroom-vroom!) because I needed something to do. 
I am healthier and cook more.  Not only do I cook more, but part of my time spent on the Internet is in search of new recipes.  Don’t you get tired of everything being fried with cheese?

The Interesting:
I don’t care so much about the latest trends.  I really “do me”.  TV has a way of telling you what you want and/or need.  It is called marketing and advertising.
I only go to the movies when friends ask me to go because I NEVER know what’s out!
I guard my email addresses like you wouldn’t believe!  Since email is the main way that I receive marketing, I don’t want email from you unless I want email from you.  The quickest way to make me angry is to send me unrequested sales info or add me to a newsletter list without my permission.
I rely on my friends for information about sales at stores that I really like.  If Macy’s has a shoe sale, Kim knows that she MUST CALL ME!
I’m more inclined to talk to strangers, both online and in person.  As I read more, I notice that the topics that interest me have grown and have become more diverse.  This translates into an interest in seeking out new and different types of people.

Overall, I like the person that I’ve morphed into as a result of pulling the plug on TV.  More than anything, I found it interesting that unplugging has been good for my close friendships. I connect with them more whether online, telephone (actually talking), or in person.  It has also become clearer to me who my closest friends are.  Those people who are too busy to be personal are people whose connections that I maintain, but who I don’t get the “warm and fuzzies” about as easily.  It is not personal; however, it has become clearer to me what makes me feel loved by the people in my life.  I will stop what I’m doing for the people I really feel connected to.  Indeed, I’ve embraced the fact that I show love by giving my undivided attention.

Next up:  not eating out more than three times a month and NO MORE FAST FOOD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!


  1. doulajess says:

    I no longer have cable…just the basic channels via an antenna and DVR. I love having DVR because I don’t watch TV during the week. I record everything I want and watch it at my leisure (without commercials!) on the weekends. For the most part, I like TV as background noise but I am getting better at enjoying the silence. I know I won’t ever completely give up TV as it is something that I enjoy but getting rid of cable (that I rarely watched anyway) has helped give me even more control. I wish I had the type of friendships you have! I know you have to cultivate those kinds of relationships but it I have found it very difficult! Great article and great points!

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