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Fresh-To-Death For Summer

Seasons change and so should your beauty routine. You need to keep things seasonal to keep you feeling bright and breezy… and comfortable! It gets HOT in the summers here in the Northeast, and you need to do what you can to keep the heat from getting the best of you, and your look. To give you a leg-up, here are some tips courtesy of the fine folks of the Style section over at HuffingtonPost.com.

  1. Stick to waterproof makeup. Everyone knows that waterproof mascara is great for more than just the latest tearjerker movie or family wedding. But what about the rest of you? The summer sun can pretty much cause your entire face to melt, so invest in other waterproof items like eyeliner and concealer.
  2. The liquid lip. Put your old lipsticks into summer hibernation. The thick and sticky sticks just won’t cut it for the season. Instead opt for liquid lipsticks, a long-lasting lip stain or even silky gloss. Your face will thank you for the lighter touch to your look!
  3. Check the WHOLE self. It’s not just your look that needs to be taken care of… it’s what happens underneath it all! You’re hot and sweaty and getting agitated. Add to that some serious chafing on your thighs or underarms and you’ve got a recipe for a majorly bad day. Do as the runners do and pick some anti-chafing items like Anti Monkey Butt Powder, TRISLIDE spray, or Body Glide. Your mood (and everyone else) will be better for it.
  4. Don’t leave home without protection. This is just common sense: use a sunscreen. A lot of foundations and moisturizers have it built in, but double check what you’re using. If you are going to use a separate sunscreen, apply it before you put anything else on your face.
  5. Fashionable fragrances. Perfumes will burn faster in the summer because the temperatures are hotter and so is your body. To make things easy: skip it. If you really need some smelly-goodness in your life, opt for a scented moisturizer.
  6. Hair-fare. Simplicity wins the day in summer. Up-do’s and shorter cuts are the name of the game: anything to keep your hair off your neck and trapping in your body heat! Don’t want to cut it too short? Pull it up. There are lots of options to keep your head up; you don’t always have to opt for a ponytail… although there are a TON of ways to make that chic. Plus: scarves!

Try out these tips and see if you don’t find summer just a little bit easier to weather!

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