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Spoiler ALERT: Do You Ever Think About If Heaven Is For Real?

I went to see, “Heaven is for Real”.  Very cute movie.  It made me ask myself whether I would really believe a four-year went to heaven.  It also made me ask if I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally believe in God or if I just go to church.  What about you?

Do you ever ask yourself what you believe or if you believe in anything at all?  I know there is a lot of pressure from everybody, from family to people at school and work to TV, to attend some sort of religious service.  But, let’s be honest:  there is so much pressure to go to church because somebody wants to control our behavior; however, nobody asks about what we really believe.  This is exactly why Heaven is For Real is a great movie!

Heaven is For Real isn’t preachy (thank goodness)!  It is about a little boy who gets really sick and nearly dies.  During surgery, he leaves his body and goes heaven.  After surgery, he talks about what he saw, including meeting Jesus and other events that his parents cannot explain. Here is where it gets interesting.  While the kid’s dad is trying to understand what has happened, EVERYBODY else dismisses him.  The church leaders are downright skeptical.  Essentially, the little boy tells a story about a tremendously beautiful and peaceful heaven that abounds with love, and nobody wants to believe him because he’s a kid and that message is too simple.  To them, God and heaven have to be complicated to be for real.

The other interesting thing about the movie was that after the little boy came back from heaven, he was no longer fearful.  This brings me to a second point:  his behavior changed AFTER he encountered God.  Isn’t it funny how people expect us go to church as a way to show how we’re getting it together instead of expecting us to change our behavior after our hearts have been changed?

So, back to you:  what do you believe?  What would it take for you think about who you are, what you believe, and who you want to be?  Even if you don’t attend church, do your behavior and attitude demonstrate what you really believe, or are you just doing stuff because others expect you to?  Just like church people have expectations and pressure you to be “churchy”, other people pressure you to behave a certain way too.  Ultimately, you’re going to be pressured to give in to many influences; therefore, you must decide what you believe and how you’re going to make choices.  The next time you put on your “rachet” outfit, ask yourself what that outfit means and represents and whether you believe that.  The next time you go off on somebody ask yourself what that behavior represents and whether you believe that.  Choose your beliefs!

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