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L.O.C for Your Body?

Tired of always having dry skin even though you already applied lotion? Then when you do apply lotion, your clothes rub it off, preventing your skin to get the moisture it needs and leaving it dull, ashy, and in severe conditions cracked.

If you heard of the L.O.C method for your hair, you know it can do wonders for your skin. This method prevents your skin from drying out, gives it a nice glow, won’t be completely rubbed off by your clothes, and will make your skin super smooth. The L.O.C stands for Leave In or Liquid, Oil, and Cream. This method locks moisture in your hair and can do the same for your skin. It works by sealing in moisture by having protective layers. The Leave In or Liquid moistures your skin, the Oil seals it in, and the Cream prevents it from rubbing off.

Here’s What You Need, and What You’ll Need to Do:

Your Shower


Oil (It could anyone you’re conformable with. Baby Oil is a common choice. Also, certain oils provide special benefits)

Lotion (Any lotion you like)

Step 1) After you shower dry your skin just enough to leave it damp. Having your skin damp provides you with the Leave In or Liquid of the method.

Step 2) Apply your oil all over your body. (Caution, be careful not to slip if you’re applying oil in the shower, because the floor can get slippery)

Step 3) Apply your lotion, which will serve as your Cream component of the method.

When you’re finish with the steps, just put on your clothes. Your skin may be a little damp, but will dry in no time, and when it does you’ll be stun by how different it feels.

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