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What About Those Gel Nails?

I hate my hands.  Actually, that’s not true:  I just wish my fingers nails looked better.  I really wish I could set aside the time to get my nails done.  Then, I wish there was something that I could use on my nails to make polish last longer.  As an esthetician and makeup artist, I wash my hands frequently.  Nail polish lasts two days…maybe.

So, when I heard about gel nails, I was excited.  My girls raved about how the polish lasted longer than acrylic nails and that gel nails looked more natural because they were thinner.  My first question was whether my natural nails would need to be filed as with acrylics.  I wanted to be able to go without the gel nails without having paper-thin bendable nails.  I was told that there was some filing, but much less than with acrylic (starting to feel hesitant).

Remember, my main reason for getting the nails is to make the polish last a very long time.  I don’t like the look of chipped nails and don’t want to be chained to a salon.  I asked my friends if it was true that the polish lasted a month like the rumors I heard promised.  FAIL:  I was told that they lasted about as long as acrylic nails, 2 – 3 weeks (feeling more hesitant).  I was also told that they looked the same as acrylic nails as your natural nails grow out (That should’ve been common sense; it is not like you can stop your nails from growing!).  While you might not have “tip chips”, you will have the new growth at the cuticle which equals “girl, go get your nails done!”  Because gel nails have to be soaked in acetone for a significant amount of time in order to be removed, gel nail appointments could take a long time and the acetone could also cause the skin to become sensitive (excitement about gel nails is all but dead).

As I continued my “nail research”, I came across two facts that took me from hesitation to “nah son”!  First, gel nails cost about 50% more than acrylic.  Why would I spend that much money and that much time on nails?  Second, some doctors take issue is the LED light that must be used in order to properly dry gel nail due to concerns about skin cancer.

image taken from amazon.com

image taken from amazon.com

Overall, I decided to skip gel nails.  After asking a bunch of questions, I decided that I was back where I was when I started:  just skip the nail polish.  However, I have come across a really cool nail buffing bar that makes my nails shiny…will keep you posted!

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