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Healthy and Yummy Snacks!

We all know how rash we become when we’re hungry. Many of us may fall victim to the unhealthy and quick snacks we have access to, failing to acknowledge calorie intake, fat and carbs. This can be a huge setback for those of us looking to lose weight and get fit! Eating right has more of an impact in getting you right and tight than working out alone (not to say that you don’t need to work out get fit). Here is a list of healthy and fulfilling snacks (found on seventeen magazine’s website) you can substitute  for those potato chips and brownies.

  1. Mexi-Crackers: Two whole grain/multi grain crackers topped with Laughing Cow light cheese and salsa. This snack is low in fat, but high in energy!
  2. Skinny Cow ice cream bars and sandwiches: This brand ensures ice cream low in fat and calories, as well as a much lighter taste compared to your average ice cream in a tub. 
  3. Mini Pizza: Whole Wheat english muffin topped with tomato sauce and low fat cheese. If you’d like, throw some veggies on there for added nutritional value.  
  4. Popcorn: This is always a safe snack to opt for when noting else is available. Pop your popcorn and sprinkle with a little bit of parmesean cheese for added flavor. Simple and tasty!  
  5. Frozen Yogurt: Add some fruit and a few chocolate chips for a sweet and memorable flavor. This mix provides calcium and various nutrients depending on the fruits you use. 
  6. Tortilla chips and salsa: The carbs in the chips provide energy after you snack. And  the salsa….is just yummy! These are healthier to indulge in, rather than your average potato chips. 
  7. Pretzels and Peanut Butter: This sweet and salty snack keeps you satisfied until your next meal  and the peanut butter has GOOD FAT in it. And besides, theres nothing wrong with some crunch in your food! 
Have no regrets! Feel good while snacking. Try some of these simple and quick recipes and experience a difference in your energy level. Good luck and happy eating!

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