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It’s all about you this year!

It’s that time of the year, when goals are set and barely any are met! Not to sound pessimistic, but come on. Who really sticks to their goals until the middle of the year, if even that? Maybe the goals being set are too dramatic and require changes that people are not ready to make so quickly. Losing weight, eating better, being more social, getting better grades in school and “living life” all seem to be at the top of everyones’ list. Don’t get me wrong, all these goals are great and can be life changing! But when will understanding your true self be one of these resolutions?  How can you really achieve any goal without truly understanding the foundation of it all…yourself. How has your life experiences shaped you today? Your thinking, your actions, your intentions? Why do you want to be a (insert professional goals here)?  Lately I have been trying to understand why I never fully achieved my goals, and why I’m never satisfied with the outcome. It’s like I jump from one goal to another, never being thorough with my tasks as I complete them. I finally understood what the problem was- I set goals that would give me immediate, short-term satisfaction. I didn’t challenge myself to set long term goals-ones that would help me grow and achieve at the same time. As simple as this all may sound, that realization blew me away and I gained a different, fresher comprehension of the world “resolution.” I need to master level one (knowing myself) in order to progress to levels 2,3 and so on. My resolution this year, and for the following years, is to learn myself more.
It shouldn’t matter what time of the year it is for anyone to try to understand themselves! But challenge yourself to learn YOU this year! Call it whatever you want- a new year resolution, middle of the year resolution or end of the year resolution. As long as you don’t give up on this goal and remain focused on yourself!
Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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