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Get Yo Life!….After You Read This.

Picture this. You’re out at a function, (let’s say get together), and you’re talking, you’re mingling getting your groove on and someone approaches you. You’re thinking “Oh let me fix my self, they’re about to ask me to dance”. But instead, the person comes up to you and says “Are you on Facebook?” then walks away. Ten minutes later you get a notification that this person added you on Facebook. Weird? No. RIDICULOUS!! That was a true story people, true story.

The millennial generation has forgotten how to enjoy and live life. How many times have you gone to dinner and everyone is on their phone instead of conversing with each other? Or how many times have you seen people take a picture of their meal, upload it to Instagram and THEN say grace? And speaking of grace, how many times have you been in church and seen a million phones out, NOT on the Bible app, posting “I’m in church getting a good word!”. Must not have been that good for you to be posting about it in the middle of service. Just saying. But in all honestly, and I’m not exempt from this either, we’re slowly letting technology take over real human interaction. Why do you think that young people prefer to text as opposed to talk on the phone? Human interaction feels weird to them, they have to actually maintain a conversation without emojis.

On a more serious note, our device driven world has gotten so bad that there are campaigns made against it. Don’t text and drive. It can wait. These slogans are made because people have gotten so engulfed in using their devices that it has begun costing people their lives. It’s NEVER that serious of a text, post, update for you to risk you and/or someone else life.

Here are 5 signs that you are beginning to be way more into technology than your real life.

1. Checking phone for updates has become a compulsion

What’s the last thing you do before you go to sleep, and the first thing when you wake up. If it’s checking your phone for updates on social sites, Houston we have a problem.

2. You bring your phone out during inappropriate times

Seriously, put the phone away and enjoy the time you have with your friends and family while you have the chance.

3. You, most times unaware, feel that the number of “likes” reflects your self-worth

I know I’m not the only one who has checked how many likes they get. Then, think “What?! That was a great picture!” when you don’t get as many likes as you’d like. Honey it’s a great picture with NO likes! We don’t need retweets or likes to make us feel better about who we are, and we definitely don’t need to get jealous over other people’s “likes”. Read that slower and realize how ridiculous that sounds.

4. You can’t have your phone in one room while you’re in another. 

If you feel it is a necessity to accommodate your life according to your phone, you’re not living. You should be able to go to the bathroom without your phone. I mean really, that’s pretty unsanitary to bring it anyways (yuck).

5. You share everything.

I shouldn’t be able to tell you what you ate for breakfast, where you were three hours ago (foursquare), how many times you go to the gym in a week, what you and your partner’s last argument was about….I mean the list goes on and on. We really don’t need everyone to know the in’s and out’s of our lives. It’s annoying to us who have to see it, and leaves you no room to say “mind your business” when someone brings something up.


Picture: sodahead.com

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