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It’s Not Worth the Risk


Sex is one of those topics that is always being discussed. Lately there have been a few situations that I have seen people in that have prompted me to write about it. Many say that sex is overrated and others say that it is the best thing in the world. No matter which opinion you have of sex, it is important that when making the decision to have sex, you must be responsible.

Many times when talking to parents about sex, they stress the importance of not becoming a teenage parent. As stressful as being a teenage parent could be, it is also important to consider using condoms to protect yourself from STDs. For some reason, people think of only contracting Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, but HIV is an STD that is far more serious and there is no cure for it.

Recently I had a patient who had been exposed to HIV. She had unprotected sex with someone she was dating for a few months. Two days after their first account of unprotected he got tested and was diagnosed with HIV. Could you imagine being in this situation? She thought that she knew him. She thought that he was STD free because they had a conversation about sexual partners and STD history before they became intimate. The reality was that she did not know him as much as she thought. In fact, he didn’t even know his sexual history himself.

Many times people are afraid to bring up the conversation of condoms and even getting tested together before having sex. No one ever thinks that HIV is something that can infect them. People feel that HIV is only something people hear about and not something that could be a part of their lives forever. It is important that you realize that sex is something that should be engaged in responsibly because it only takes one account of unprotected sex for you to contract something that could be a part of you as long as you live. So before engaging in sex with any partner, remember to protect yourself because trust me, it is not worth the risk.

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