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Fall Nails

images (2)Sometimes we think that we need to spend a lot of money on accessories to upgrade an outfit, as important as accessories can be I have found that its the smalls things that count. Simple additions such as nail polish, studs and make up and make a huge difference in your overall appearance. Of these simple additions nail polish has been on my mind a lot lately, weird right? With everything going on with a young professionals who is super involved in life I still have the time to daydream about nail polish. Nevertheless, today I want to share some of the fall nail polish trends that have been on my mind.

Fall Colors: What are fall colors? In my opinion its the colors of the leaves, colors that make you think of drinking hot cocoa in front of a fire place. Of these colors my personal favorites are burgundy’s, burnt oranges or a deep violet. I am still in search for a fall nail favorite, I have yet to try anything that has “wowed” me. If you have a suggestion post it below and i’ll try and review it

Metallic: For those of us that don’t spend all of the money needed to get your nails done every other week metallic/sparkles are a great way to go. This is because it give your nails a salon look without the professional. To have seasonal nails I would suggest finding natural fall colors with a metallic or sparkle to it. I personally love gold for fall (and silver for winter). I favor Milani 1 Coat Glitters Nail Lacquer – Gold Glitz, I got it from a drugstore for under $5. Also darker metallics such as black, burgundy and dark green can be really edgy.

Neutrals: If you are not a huge nail person these are the colors that you should buy. Why, because neutrals are neutral! They transition into every season and look great with just about any color. Keep in mind that neutral does not only have to be browns, try something with a twist of gray or a mauve color to get a color that you won’t see often. My favorite is a mauve color from NYC (New York Color) called park avenue.

Here are a few picture of some fall colors that I personal like.

fallnails  images (3) nails1

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