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Is arrogance the new confidence?

ImageI couldn’t help but ask myself this question after watching Kanye West’s most recent interview with Zane Lowe. I read and heard many people stating that Mr. West was lunatic and too arrogant, but I got a completely different vibe. Kanye West came off as passionate and confident to me. I understood it as him using that moment as an opportunity to tell the world what HIS ideas were and how HE feels about various topics. It was HIS interview, right? But many people perceived him as an extremist without any substance. That view is understandable, because of his impulsive responses. It is very easy to mistake high self-esteem with arrogance. But how fine is that line that separates the two and how can we tell which category we fall into? Below are a few concise statements that easily distinguish the two.

Arrogance is insecurity; confidence is peace of mind

It is pretty obvious when someone is insecure with themselves. Giving the side eye when someone is doing better than you shows your insecurity. When you begin feeling like this, think about your strengths!

Arrogance is needy; confidence is free

In other words, if you feel good when someone is feeling bad, you are relying on other to make you happy. You must be able to rely on yourself if you want to experience true happiness. Spending a little time alone is actually healthy. It helps you learn yourself more. Who better to know yourself than you?

‘Absolute superiority’ is a dangerous illusion

To truly be comfortable with yourself is to see yourself as another person’s equal. No one human is greater than another (despite income, looks, or who you know). Be yourself and accept others for who they are. Differences are what makes us so interesting!

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