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I Want to Be Just Like You When I Grow Up

7586044-young-indian-girl-daydreamingIs it just me or are celebrities, particularly females, showing more of themselves as time goes on. Part of it can be due to the fact that they have more opportunities to reveal themselves such as social networking sites. We now have day to day access to their lives, being fed pictures, status updates, and gossip blog sites. The other side is that we as a society are approving and even sometimes condoning such scandalous behavior from celebrities. Although the problem is that these major celebrities are uploading lewd photos of themselves, the bigger problem is that the younger generation is looking up to them and we’re not doing enough to stop it.

What I think we need to consider is how much we should let celebrities have influence over us and our upcoming generation. Too many times do we criticize celebrities for not being good role models when we need to look at ourselves and ask the same thing. Granted I am not condoning any of the actions done by these women, but there has to be a line drawn to how much we let them dictate what we do. There should be no reason that a five year old knows all the verses to Nicki Minaj’s song more than she knows how to read. That is not Nicki Minaj’s responsibility, it is the parent’s.


If more of us are willing to be better role models for the upcoming generation then there would probably be less young females saying they want to be a basketball wife when they grow up and say I want to be an engineer. The problem is that they are being inundated with more negative images of what a female should aspire to be than they are about what a successful woman can be. So if you are out there and you are tired of seeing horrible examples of what it means to be a confident, beautiful woman, get up, step out and show these young girls what it’s all about!!

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