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How to Properly Remove Makeup

So I’m back, and just as promised we are going to talk about proper makeup removal.  I discussed in our last post how makeup can cause acne and how important it is to make sure you are getting all of that junk out of your pores. I’ve attached two videos that I believe offers some good help but below are some things to keep in mind.

1) Makeup/Baby Wipes are not enough: Wipes are just going to clean off the surface of the skin. Though your skin may appear clean your pores will still be clogged. Whether you want to use the oil removing method or packaged makeup remover make sure you are using something in addition to your wipes.

2) Is soap and water enough?: Soap and water is not able to clean out make up from your pours as it is not formulated for that. What you can do if your wear makeup often is buy a facial cleanser that also works as a makeup remover.

3) Don’t over dry your skin: While you do want to clean your pores, you do not want to remove all of the moisture from your skin. If you face feels squeaky clean after washing it chances are that you have over washed and dried your skin. Dishes should be squeaky clean not you skin. Be aware of what type of skin you have, what products will work best and how all the products in your skincare regimen you will affect your skin.  

3) Be gentle and patience: Your skin is very delicate, therefore be sure not to handle it to rough. This can actually promote wrinkles and aging skin. Also, have extra patience with your eyes, as mascara and eyeliner will require more devotion to remove.

4) Don’t be afraid to invest: I am not a big fan of buying a lot of products. Company will sell you an eye makeup remover, nose makeup remover, lipstick remover, etc. In my opinion you just do not need that many products (and most of the time the ingredients are the same just in different packages). So my preference is use natural/homemade products. They will serve multiple purposes and will be less harmful on the skin. If you are going to buy a ready-made product DO YOUR RESEARCH to save you money and get the best product.

And remember do not sleep with your make up on! Hope this helps!

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