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Are You Your Worst Critic?

ImageHow often do you praise yourself? How quick are you to blame yourself when something that was really out of your control goes wrong?  We all know what it’s like to not achieve something that we really want, and being disappointed is a natural reaction to that. However, there is a point though in which we should ask ourselves if we may be our own worst enemy. For some the first reaction to that is “How could I possibly be my own enemy?”. But whether we want to accept it or not what we say to ourself, and how you view ourself, has a direct connection to our actions and how we relate to others. 

Take for example if I were to think of myself as not being smart enough to pursue a career in medicine. Well, what manifests out of that is me not thinking I’m able to tackle anything that might pose as a challenge. I would become stagnant in life, which would then affirm my initial thought of “I’m not smart enough”. Negative thoughts have direct actions and it’s a continuous poisonous cycle of the mind. You might be standing in your own way of wonderfully fulfilling life. The good news though, is that it’s never too late to reframe your mindset. Here are three things I think may be helpful in freeing your mind of the negativity.

1. Turn that frown upside down.

If you find yourself more upset about your life than content, make a conscious effort to find out what YOU love, what makes YOU happy, what lifts YOUR spirits. A lot of time we focus so much on the negative things in life that we fail to realize there also so much good. I challenge you to write 5 things that make you happy so that when something in life makes you feel down, you know of at least 5 things you can do to change that mood.

2. Words of affirmation are quite the inspiration. 

How are others supposed to see the beautiful, wonderfully, created you if you can’t verbalize what makes you secure in the person you are? Begin thinking about all the pros of what makes you a great person, write them down, create a mantra, say it every time a negative thought tries to creep in. Over time, negative thoughts will have such a hard time taking up space in your head because you’re too busy focusing on what great assets you have to offer the world.

3. Lessons are Blessings

You know that cliche saying of turning your lemons to lemonade? Well it pretty much sums up how to deal with a tough time. I always say, let yourself experience the emotion, but don’t let yourself drown in it. Life isn’t going to always be lollipops and rainbows but you should always try to find the lesson in the tough time. It will help put things into perspective. Think of times where things seemed to be going bad, but you got out of it. If you did it before, you can do it again!

Remember, no one can be a better you than YOU!


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  1. […] We usually are our own worst critics meaning that how we see ourselves or what we think of ourselves is usually a thousand times worse that what other people see. So what happens when someone you’ve never met asks you to describe yourself to them? Watch this video by the Dove Campaign For Real Beauty’s below and find out… […]

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