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Skincare Before Makeup: How makeup can negativity effect your skin



Recently my face broke out really badly. There were bumps all over my cheeks and forehead. While I was in the mirror looking at my acne covered skin I knew exactly what the cause was, makeup! Earlier that week I had decided that is was a good idea to use some foundation that was very old and my skin clearly disagreed. Ladies, I know we like to wear makeup to enhance our physical features but if we are not properly removing make up and using sanitary products we are putting our skin at a great risk. So here are a few things to consider:

Bacteria: Makeup brushes and products are a prime place for bacterial growth. If we apply these infected products to our skin they can cause irritation, acne or skin rashes. To prevent, wash make up brushes as often as weekly to once a month, anything longer than that will put your skin at risk. In regards to products a general rule of thumb is to use caution after 6 month. This can vary though; mascara should not be used after 3 months where foundation can last about a years time. Anything older than 18 months should be disposed of.

Proper make up removal:  We will discuss this in detail very soon but removing make up is very vital. This is because residue can clog in our pores and harmful chemical can enter our bloodstream. Often times soap and water may not do the trick because of the amount of makeup in our pours. We will talk about what products are best to use for makeup removal in an upcoming post. Also sleeping in makeup is not an option! Be sure to remove all of the gunk from your skin every night to have healthy skin.

Makeup Ingredients:  There has been a recent explosion of mineral makeup. This is because a lot of the ingredients in make up can be very harmful to you skin and health. Some of the preservative in these product can disrupt the hormone system and can lead to serious health issues. Therefore be very aware of what is in the makeup that you are putting in your body through your pores.

Sharing Product: Because makeup is a prime place for bacterial growth sharing makeup product with others can affect our skin and physical health. Remember diseases can be shared via eyeliner, lipstick and other products.

In closing I want to encourage everyone to take care of your skin. We can’t mask our skin under inches of foundation that make us look deadly; chances are that the foundation you are using will make the problems that you have worst. We have to take the time to deal with what is already there. I have personally decided that I will not wear foundation until I am able to manage my own skin however for those of you who may not want to do this I hope these tips have helped you. In my next blogs i will discuss how to properly remove make up and discuss more about skin care.

photocredit: stylefrizz.com

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