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Let the Church Say………Reality TV????


You read that title correctly. We already know that reality TV has been one of the most lucrative “genres” since the turn of the 2000s. From the housewives, to the survivors, to the bad girls, reality TV has enter almost every aspect of life. But, there was one place most of us thought it wouldn’t try to exploit, the church. Boy were we mistaken, because in case you haven’t heard there are two reality shows out that are bringing the cameras to the pulpit. And yes, it wouldn’t be reality TV without the drama.

The one reality show, “The Sisterhood”, came out earlier this year on the TLC network centering around the lives of different church’s First Lady (pastor’s wife). They talk about things from what it’s like being a preacher’s wife, to discussing their beliefs on touchy topics such as pornography. I must also note that, none of these women or their husbands are popularly known. The other show “Preacher’s of LA” has the same premise, only it is based in Los Angeles and looks at it from the male preacher’s perspective. Most of these men are, in contrast, very well known in both the Christian community and outside of it. This means their reputation is on the line as they showcase their lives to the world.


At first glance you might think why in the world would they make a show about what it’s like to be a preacher or a preacher’s wife? Well if you know anything about the church, you’d know that there you will also find less than brotherly love among the congregants. Usually, it’s just usually covered up or swept under the rug. Now while I’m not sure why these people decided to partake in this show, I have a feeling it’s a cross between wanting to be transparent, and finding a popular medium to reach the masses. I could be wrong though, because like they say, things aren’t always what they seem, especially on TV. In any case, while I may not agree with the way these men and women are portraying themselves, representing what most critics of the Christian belief say keep them away, I will say that it could be worse. Whether they like it or not, they have volunteered to represent the Christian faith for those people who know nothing of it. With that being said, I say, proceed with caution because reality TV is anything but reality.

Photo credit: http://www.Straightfromthea.com

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