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Stalker Fan=STAN by Jessica Charles

129When someone asks us “Who’s your favorite celebrity” most of us don’t even have to think twice about who we’d wait out in the cold rain to see. But for some people it goes a little farther than just really liking their favorite celebrity to being a stan. A stan can be characterized as a fan who has become obsessed with a celebrity to the point where they become stalker-ish. No I’m not talking about just knowing that your favorite celebrity has four children and you might even know their names. That’s normal, but to know whether your fave celebrity has an “innie” or “outie” belly button, how they like their milkshake, what their childhood nick names were, and information about their family members…….these are the things that begin to look like an obsession.

It can even get as extreme as tattoos of the celebrity or in Jessie J’s case have a stan break their own leg to be just like her when her leg was broken. These are examples are on the extreme side but the point is that becoming addicted to your favorite celebrity is not healthy at all. The media has put such an emphasis on knowing every intimate detail of these celebrities lives that it becomes so easy to get wrap up in all of it. It doesn’t help either that we have social networking sites like twitter and instagram that make it even easier to make these celebrities our idols.

I believe that people obsess over celebrities because  most times they are people we aspire to be, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The average person would love to have the money, power, and respect that most celebrities have.  But, the one thing we don’t realize is that all of that comes with a cost. Your privacy goes out the window, its hard to discern who your true friends are, and sometimes being a celebrity kills celebrities. So even though you really like a particular celebrity, they should not be the center of your life to the point where you can’t function.

If you see yourself gradually getting more involved in a celebrity’s life than you should, take a step back and ask why you are so obsessed. Because if it is because you don’t value yourself as much as you value who they are, that is something that you should really evaluate. Love you and be you!!

photocredit: allwomenstalk.com

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