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Fashion and Beauty: Wearing what you want by Vanessa R. Altidor

Hi ladies! It’s Vanessa with your fashion and beauty update.

Now I don’t profess to be a style icon by any means but I know that I know what I like and today’s post is all about that. Wearing what YOU want. People always seem to want someone to tell them what to wear and how to wear it. And that can be cool and can help you look great sometimes. But how many times do you just walk up to your closet and put on what you want? Not what’s fashionable, or going to get you attention but something just for you?

I have found personally and for others that those who wear the most groundbreaking outfits are usually those who wear what they want. So here’s an example. I was getting dressed a few days ago for a HYPE taping. I put on an outfit that I really liked but when I showed my sisters and parents none of them shared my enthusiasm. Now I could have changed but something about me felt comfortable in this outfit. So I decided to keep it on and I ended up getting a lot of compliments on it. That’s how a lot of things in my life tend to work and style is not exempt. I know what I like, I know the look that I am going for and even if everyone doesn’t like it I have to be okay with that and remain faithful to myself. In one of our past episode called “Plus Size Fashion” our guest Anthony Henderson started to explain the difference between fashion and style. And I just wanted to recap what they are defined as:

Fashion a popular trend, esp. in styles of dress


Style a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles

My interpretation of this is fashion is cookie cutter, what people are wearing, what’s popular whereas style is personal, distinct, a textile extension to one’s personality. I know that my segment is called fashion and beauty but honestly I think that can be a little misleading about what I want to do. My focus is not in making you look like every other person walking down the street. I’m not here to give you do’s and don’ts that can never be broken. I just a tour guide showing you where everything is and what I have learned along the way. So I wanted to start my blog entries with my golden rule which LET YOUR CLOTHES EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE, (considering it’s not to revealing or detrimental)  wear what makes you happy and comfortable, wear what you want and don’t just be a clone of what everyone else is wearing.

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