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What NOT to do on Social Sites by Jessica Charles


Although sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are places where you should feel free to be yourself, there are definitely times where that line is crossed. We all know those people who have missed the unwritten rules of social networking etiquette. Here are your Top 11 things not to do on social networking sites.

11.  Serial Spirituals

Praising the Most High is nothing to hide, but don’t you think it’s kind of weird to post a twerk video right after?

10. Non-photogenic food pics

It might taste great, but what is that mystery meat on your paper plate?

9. “Like if you love your mom” type of posts

Because my mother is on my FB checking to see if I’m liking a picture of a puppy.

8.  Revealing relationship

You know that saying, “there are only two people in a relationship”, there is a reason that it was created. It’s best that only you two know

7. TMI

First of all, any action that is done in a bathroom or bedroom does NOT belong on anyone’s screen.

This also goes without saying, but it seems for some people it doesn’t, but please, PLEASE refrain from posting funeral pictures. Have some respect for those who are no longer with us.

6. Too many posts/ Spamming

There are only 24 hours a day, you should not be posting something for each one.

Also, we really don’t need to know EVERY time you go to the gym.

5. Pictures of yourself crying

I feel you and I know you’re sad, but I really don’t want to visualize this state that you are in.

4. Obnoxious “selfies”

An occasional selfie or two is cool, but we get it you like the way you look, 50 pictures of yourself doesn’t change that.

3. Inappropriate pics/ Nudity

How many people getting fired from jobs will it take for people to realize that everything you post says something about you and its there forever.

2. Pretending to be someone you’re not

Posing in front of fancy cars, wads of twenty-dollar bills, trips to different cities, but you’re still live off of your mother?

1. Internet “thugging”

Thereis nothing brave, or praise worthy of bullying someone period on or off screen, but there is something to be said about people who find their courage through the keys. Stop it right now.

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